Open Monument Day


Seat guarantee only after prior registration!

At 9. and September 10, 2023 there will be a total of 4 free guided tours in the MPS studio on the occasion of the Open Monument Day. In addition to information about the history of the listed analog studio and the record labels SABA- and MPS-Records, which were founded in parallel, there will also be information about the legendary Bösendorfer Grand Imperial concert grand piano, as well as an audition on this highly interesting instrument.

Due to limited seating, advance registration is mandatory.

Admission after registration by e-mail:

Please let us know:

  1. Day (9. or 10.9.) and guided tour 1 or guided tour 2
  2. Your name
  3. Your phone number

Saturday 9.9.23

Guided tour 1: admission 12:45, start 13:00, end 15:00

Guided tour 2: Admission 15:45, start 16:00, end 18:00. Afterwards live music with young musicians

Sunday 10.9.23

Guided tour 1: SOLD OUT – Please do not ask again. Admission 10:45, start 11:00, end 13:00

Guided tour 2: – admission 14:45, start 15:00, end 17:00. Afterwards live music with young musicians

The association MPS-Studio e.V. is happy about donations.