The association MPS-Studio e.V. is founded by us in Villingen in 2022, the rooms of the listed MPS studio with museum status are rented, renovated and re-recorded.

Who we are

We are a team consisting of cultural friends, art historians, designers, music producers, sound engineers, educators and people from the regional industry. We are united by our love of music, this special historical place and the desire not only to protect and manage this unique monument, but also to make it accessible to the public.

The open word, trust, transparency and team spirit are not empty words for us. Only from these points of view we see the basis for this great common adventure, namely to preserve the legendary world-famous MPS studio with its great history for posterity and to make it a meeting place for all generations and an interface for like-minded people. In this way, we are considerably expanding the cultural and museum offerings in the Black Forest, as there are no comparable places with this history.

What do we want?

The purposeful completion, expansion, consolidation and supplementation of the archival records with the aim of processing and documenting the work of the MPS studio, the studio founder and sound engineer Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer (HGBS), his employees at SABA and MP records and other people closely associated with the MPS studio.

The preservation of the MPS studio and all objects connected with the studio (archival materials – photographs, press material, librarianship, etc. – as well as technical and musical equipment) as a unit of movable and non-movable assets, in order to protect them as a whole from decay and preserve them for future generations, of course in cooperation with the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments and specialists.

The systematic, if necessary, scientific preparation and processing of the objects/archival materials. This includes the appropriate object group-specific inventory and documentation and contextual classification of the objects and the comprehensible documentation of knowledge for communication to the public and passing on to subsequent generations. The operation of the studio with an active recording practice.

The conception, organization and implementation of events. These may include, but are not limited to, the following formats: Concerts, festivals, film evenings, readings, lectures and exhibitions. Especially, but not exclusively, at the studio location and surrounding area.

To actively engage in music and music technology education, cooperation is sought with local and regional music schools, music academies, sound engineering classes, schools and other music education institutions. Guided tours and hands-on workshops will also be offered for children and young people. Admission scholarships will be made possible to actively promote young talent.

There is an international network of record companies, media, musicians and bands.
The acquisition of active and passive members, supporters and helpers is necessary to secure the future of this place.

By becoming a member you help us to secure this place.
Are you interested in actively participating? Write to us!

With donations (deductible) you enable us:

– Realize own share of subsidies
– Offer workshops for children and teenagers cheap
– Financing of infrastructure (, utilities, maintenance, purchase of studio inventory or repairs).

Statutes for download follows.


Again and again we are asked if we have something to do with the festival “Jazzin’ The Black Forest” or the company “HGBS Blue”/”Black Forest Sounds”. The answer is no.


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We have compiled here some photos from our first season November 2022 – July 2023.