Again and again we are asked if we have anything to do with the festival Jazzin’ The Black Forest or the company HGBS Blue/Black Forest Sounds by Friedhelm Schulz. The answer is no.

The festival name will be continued by the organizer, the so-called “Freundeskreis SABA/MPS” without consultation with the originator of the name creation (created back in 1999 for the book Jazzin’ The Black Forest). We also have nothing to do with the programming of the festival.

The label “HGBS Blue” also has nothing to do with the label “H.G.B.S. Records” (which no longer exists) or “MPS-Studio e.V.” initiated by Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer.

MPS Studio e.V. informs the following:

We are not the organizer of Jazzin’ The Black Forest and have nothing to do with the event nor with the organizer, the so-called Freundeskreis SABA/MPS.

The so-called “Freundeskreis SABA/MPS” and the company HGBS Blue / Black Forest Sounds UG of Friedhelm Schulz have neither premises nor access to the MPS studio building Richthofenstrasse 1/1 in 78048 VS-Villingen and have no business relationship with MPS-Studio e.V. .

We therefore ask you to clarify any concerns directly and to research the correct addresses on the Internet.

The association MPS-Studio e.V. officially manages the MPS-Studio since October 2022. For all inquiries regarding the studio or our events, please contact us. The MPS Studio© is a registered trademark.