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Starting with futuristic flute sounds, ESINAM leads their listeners through powerful, complex rhythms and poetic lyrics into their incomparable universes of Electronic Afro Jazz’ and far beyond….

Their songs meander in global as well as traditional grooves and sounds. She also incorporates elements of other musical styles such as house, trip hop, hip hop, blues and psychedelics into her profound musical mosaic. In search of balance between acoustic and electronic, between future and past, she expresses her feelings in her compositions, to which she gives an individual touch through spontaneous development. Based on loops, samples, impressions and field recordings, each song follows the other, like a cycle that opens, develops, transforms and returns to the starting point.

The Belgian-Ghanaian multi-instrumentalist discovered music in her childhood and learned piano and flute. The latter allowed herself to be optimally taken along on her travels, where she opened up musical worlds and gathered inspiration. Thus, ESINAM’s compositions carry the traces of numerous geographical, cultural and musical influences gathered in her personal biography and through various travels, encounters, tours and collaborations.

After the concert DJ set (tba)


Admission 20:00
Start: 21:00

Admission members / Reduced: 20
Admission Regular: 25 Euro

Box office (if tickets still available / without guarantee): 28 Euro

Discounted tickets:

The following persons are eligible for the reduced fare:

  • MPS studio club members
  • Students / Pupils
  • People with disabilities

For the reduced tariff you need a corresponding proof at the entrance.

20,00 25,00 

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