Recording with the Telefunken M 15 – direct to tape!

A great adventure in the time-honored MPS studio took place in January 2024. The Hamburg Spinners didn’t shy away from the long journey to the south and visited us for a few days in the Black Forest to record a 2-track analog recording for their upcoming album. Directly into the box without detours. It was worth it! The sound engineer for the analog recording was Ray Rawand Baziany, while Tim Heumesser was responsible for the parallel digital recording.

Telefunken M 15 in action. One of three 2-track Telefunken in the MPS studio. Photo: © Tim Heumesser 2024

From a purely human point of view, it was love at first sight right from the start; the four musicians and the MPS studio crew didn’t mess around. It was not only work but also a vacation in the Black Forest, even for us. With the Spinners’ straight-forward 60s instrumental sound, which incorporates retro elements but has an absolutely charming sound of its own, they enchanted us and the historic studio walls. We are very happy that the album was recorded here and hope that the old tradition of instrumental hits will be revived. Because the Hamburg Spinners have plenty of catchy tunes.

Everything under control. The captains in the control room: Ray Rawand Baziany and Tim Heumesser. Photo: ©Tøni Schifer/MPS-Studio 2024

Technically a challenge, but no problem for the sound specialists Ray and Tim, who were completely relaxed in directing the show. So the AKG reverb unit and the Telefunken M15 tape recorder were controlled from the large mixing console without further ado. When the self-built mixing console from the early 1970s was switched on, the old spirit of MPS Studio founder Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer (HGBS) was let out of the bottle. When the tape is running again, HGBS, Rolf Donner and Willy Fruth watch from the beyond and are happy that the MPS studio is once again recording and producing regularly. In 2024, many productions will be made here, which will help the MPS-Studio e.V. association to cover running costs and investments in the old analog technology of the listed studio.

Good guys behind the listed MPS bar from 1962. From the left: Lucas, Dennis, Carsten and David. Photo: ©Jens Heid / Hamburg Spinners 2024

The whole album was recorded in three and a half days and we are already looking forward to the release on vinyl, the recording is simply amazing. Now the Hamburg Spinners are part of the more recent MPS Studio history.


Dennis Rux live in the MPS studio, the man with the anvil chop on his guitar, photo©Markus Ruf 2024

With Dennis Rux on guitar, an expert came into the studio who has been producing analog recordings for years with his own Yeah Yeah Yeah Studio in Hamburg and who, together with his colleagues, conjured up a relaxed and decelerated atmosphere in the studio. He plays his straightforward guitar sounds with a razor-sharp beat. He also wins competitions and the hearts of spectators with his anvil chops. Dennis immediately fell in love with the MPS studio and we look forward to further adventures with him.

Carsten “Erobique” Meyer (behind him his body guard) live in the MPS studio, he also entertains alone, but the Hamburg Spinners are his savvy gang. Photo ©Markus Ruf 2024

Carsten Meyer has a very large fan base under the stage name Erobique. He has an incredible talent for enchanting people on the keyboard and, in addition to all his musical qualities, he is also an incredibly good illustrator. He also designs the album covers for the Hamburg Spinners. He also dresses up for work in the studio and wears white turtlenecks as a dedication to Singers Unlimited, as well as a green velvet suit with a scarf. He doesn’t take a joke when it comes to footwear either. He has also made a name for himself with film music for Tatortreiniger, among others. His latest work, ” No.2″, is a wonderfully relaxed album, both musically and visually, and for those who are plagued by melancholy in these times: “No.2” is a very good remedy.

The first bean coffee after the war: David Nesselhauf with an original SABA coffee cup in the MPS studio. Photo: © Jens Heid / Hamburg Spinners 2024

With David Nesselhauf on bass, the band is complemented by an attentive person who is always interested in his counterpart. The Berlin-born radiologist is open to all facets of the most absurd music and plays in another interesting project: Tetra Urogallus. This is where the Germanic Black Sabbath meets Bert Kämpfert‘s brass section. Be sure to check it out!

Lucas Kochbek recording in the MPS studio. Photo: © Tim Heumesser 2024

Lucas Kochbek plays the drums for the Hamburg Spinners and while others play the front of the stage, you get the feeling that he feels very comfortable behind the drum kit. If you look at his discography, you can see that the man has been involved in many projects and bands for a long time. Whether his own compositions or as a drummer for Thomas D or Erobique, the beat goes on!

Hamburg Spinners Bassdrum. Designed by Carsten “Erobique” Meyer. The coat is now part of the MPS studio! Photo: © Jens Heid / MPS-Studio 2024


To crown it all, there was a magical studio concert on Friday evening, which was sold out in no time at all. The audience from near and far celebrated this event exuberantly. After the concert, DJs Hank Strummer & Rudi Raschke played a great party set.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, however, master craftsman Carsten “Erobique” Meyer came back at full speed and played the legendary Bösendorfer Grand Imperial for the remaining guests. By this point at the latest, it was clear that these days were legendary. Thank you. Can’t it go on like this forever?

Behind the scenes: Carsten Meyer’s horse leather cassettes, made in Münster. Photo © Markus Ruf 2024