2 sets of 45 minutes each could be enjoyed by the enthusiastic audience in the sold out MPS studio. Coming directly from Paris, the power trio from Tel Aviv set off with high concentration and full energy in the recording room of the listed ensemble.

Ron Mini’s trio in the MPS studio. Photo MPS Studio ©Jens Heid 2023

Brutal Jazz convinced with its independence and mathematical exactness. Sometimes reminiscent of the film music of the Dario Argento classics of Goblin, the compositions of the pianist and guitarist, the tension between quiet build-up and brute finale thrilled without exception. In the tradition between prog rock and jazz with borrowings from metal, avant-garde or noise, the three Israelis were able to fully win over the audience.

Ron Mini’s trio in the MPS studio. Photo MPS Studio ©Jens Heid 2023

Even during the intermission, where the interested audience could exchange ideas over a drink in the control room or at the bar of the legendary studio from the 1960s, the joy about this special performance in a familiar ambience was palpable. During the second set, the musical journey continued unperturbed and without pause for breath. The trio played precisely like well-oiled sewing machines.

Our special thanks go to the sympathetic musicians and the wonderful audience, as well as Daniel Wellhäuser and Daniel Leguy-Madzar for providing the PA technology and the terrific Most Perfect Sound, Karl Koch for the kind loan of instruments and Stefan Hoffi Hoffmann for lighting. THANK YOU, karma strikes back.